GLNE Artificial Climbing Wall and Abseiling Course 001

Event promoter
Sat, 27 Apr - 08:00

Mike Ellames Tennis

Greater London



Scout Info for Climbing Permit.
This is an Artificial Single Pitch Climbing Course, this is where a climb can be completed in one stage (pitch) where the rope is anchored only once and not moved on to form a second pitch, and from which the climber can safely walk off unroped from the top, or can be safely lowered to the bottom of the climb.
Abseiling section of the course involves the descent of a rope using a friction device to control the speed of descent. It is popular as an activity on single pitch walls.
You will be training to gain a Leadership Permit – If you have a leadership permit for top rope climbing you can lead up to two top rope climbing systems at a time, unless a restriction is in place reducing the number of ropes to one.
For further information check the link below.

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