Who are we?

If you are between 17 and 29 years old and a creative, restless, entrepreneur person with followers

We unite people, create moments and experiences.

Our passion are hobbies. Because of that, the mobile application for sharing hobbies it’s now available on different platforms (App Store and Google Play).

From the HobbieSpot platform we also organize events to share hobbies and create new experiences. Stay tuned!

The need

People need to find other people to share hobbies.

HobbieSpot is a leisure and entertainment social network at a global level that unites people around their hobbies, tastes and interests, with the goal of living experiences with other people through plans. In addition you can share digital content as in any other social network.

We promote the creation of interactions between people in the real world using hobbies and passions.

You can also create your own plan about a particular hobbie and users can join and share moments.

Expand your contact network, promote your knowledge as an event planner and earn as much money as like.

A project that was born with the intention of building …

In HobbieSpot we accommodate plans either from the agenda or created through the app, granting the means for a social construction among our community of users to form new ways of relating.

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Find thousands of events and organize yours. Meet people with the same hobbies as you.

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